I have a strong passion for all things visual. My passion drives me to create the most sophisticated and aesthetically brilliant experiences, branding, iconography, and layouts. UI/UX design is problem solving, and I strive to solve every design problem with gorgeous, accurately informed, solutions.

I am a Los Angeles based User Experience and Interface Designer. I believe in making great products with exceptional experiences for everyday people. I am currently working as a UI+UX Designer at Symantec where I design new experiences for Norton products such as Identity Safe, Safe Search, Safe Web, Norton Secure Login, Norton Security for Mac and more.




Cameron continually exemplifies a professional level of character as a graphic designer and as a person. As well as achieving academic success as an Honor Roll student, Cameron Has been honored with numerous Best of Quarter Awards from the Graphic Design Department.

Marwin Schiltz: Creative Director – a_ _ _ _ d, Instructor (Ai – LA)

Cameron came onto our team to handle our first pass UI work on contract, creating all elements of our shell and hud from the ground up.

Creative, personable, timely and receptive to direction, I would recommend Cameron for any team, and hope to have the chance to work with him again in the future.

Lee Harker: Art Director at Activision Blizzard

Cameron is a creative team member with great ideas, utilizing todays technology. He brings amazing direction to the table.

Armando Nunez: President/Creative Director at Vivid Candi